My name is Craig Johnson


I'm a fully qualified Personal Trainer with 7 years of experience in the fitness world and a passion for healthy living and knowledge fueled training.


My love of fitness and strength came at a young age when I practiced various Martial Arts and Wrestling which taught me how to use the body most efficiently and effectively.


Over the years I've spent in the industry I have strived to learn about the science behind all aspects of training which allows me to deliver effective, long-lasting results to my clients. 


In this time I have worked with runners, football players, wrestlers and everyone in between, thus gaining vast knowledge of what works for who and why. 


I have the experience, knowledge and skill neccessary to help ANYBODY achieve their goals.


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Heavy Rope Sprints
A Boot Camper sprinting whilst dragging a 20kg rope.
Body Weight Dips
A 1-2-1 client performing dips on parallel bars.
Total Body Conditioning
A full body routine - Beautiful day!
Battling Ropes
A 1-2-1 client burning fat with fast undulation rope work.
Hex Bar Deadlifting
A 1-2-1 client showing weights aren't just for boys!
Hill Sprinting
Improving speed, leg power and fitness.
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Battling Ropes

A 1-2-1 client burning fat with fast undulation rope work.