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Our non-military style Boot Camp is perfect for people who prefer to train in the great outdoors and within a group situation - We do not use scare tactics to motivate you.


You can expect a fun atmosphere with a friendly group that band together as a team to help eachother through each session. 


Expect to use resistance bands, battling ropes, slam balls, weight sleds and tractor tyres to blast away stubborn fat and build lean muscle!

The Boot Camp package is designed to strip fat, tone muscle and improve cardio vascular fitness through a structured 5 week programme that will challenge you to reach new heights every single session. Also included in the Boot Camp package is a detailed nutrition and healthy eating guide designed specifically to burn fat - FAST!

Walking Lunges downhill with reverse uphill squat walks - Ultimate leg toning workout!

Metabolic and full body conditioning with tractor tyre flips.

Sessions take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 18:30pm and Saturday morning at 9:30am - Each session is 1 hour long including mobility drills to warm up and stretching to cool down.

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