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"Ive always struggled with my weight, constantly up and down with no workout dvds or diets seeming to give lasting results. Then I found Boot Camp, at first I was apprehensive but Craig assured me that I would enjoy it - I have since lost 3 stone and dropped 3 dress sizes! Every session is challenging, different and fun - Id recommend it to anyone!"  - Sophie Reed-Darby (Boot Camp)

"When joining the Boot Camp my goal was to begin a healthier lifestyle for myself - I was a 20 per day smoker and didnt care what I ate. By committing to 3 hours per week I am now a non-smoker, 2.5 stone lighter and more active than ever! In October 2014 I entered my first Ice Breaker Mud Run and recorded a time of 1h 22.45secs. 


With Craigs knowledge and implementation, whether you are a beginner or budding athlete this Boot Camp will get you the results you want to see!"  - Paul Stevens (Boot Camp)

"I have been training with Craig for almost 3 years now and he never ceases to amaze me. Having outlined my medical history (1 major back surgery and 1 ankle surgery), he tailored my sessions to exactly what I needed to get back up and running - literally. 


With complications from my original back surgery I required another operation, sending me back to square one - Craig was understanding and patient during my recovery and when I was able, began my rehabilitation - reactivating muscles, adjusting my posture and hip alignment so that I could walk, run and squat more comfortably and safely. 


Always knowing exactly how far to push you during your sessions, I would recommend anyone to put their fitness goals in Craigs hands." - Karen Saunders (Personal Training)



"Craigs passion for the healthy lifestyle and expertise in training was brought to my attention by a friend. Having gone through years of boring and generic training routines I got in touch with him to help me improve my overall fitness and strength. Craig asked me an array of questions about why I wanted to train and my goals so that he could tune in a completely unique and personalised programme - Which he did, impressively.


He catered for my personal needs and made the training exciting and original. I instantly felt the benefits and in just 6 weeks I have made incredible strength gains and my cardio fitness is better than ever. Not only that but he constantly makes sure the programme is still benefitting me and if there's an area that isn't he seeks to correct it. 


He's a perfectionist in the best possible way and has the right attitude to make you want to do well. Far from your generic meat-head trainer - Craigs passion is helping others and that is why he clouds above any other trainer I have encountered." - Adam Sharpe (Online Programming)

"Sessions with Craig are not for the faint hearted, however he has a great understanding of where peoples limits lie and never pushes them too far. My body shape, fitness and strength have all improved greatly thanks to Craig - He pushes me to achieve things I would never manage on my own!" - Lucie Farrer (Personal Training)

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